Reina Barcenas

Healthcare Recruiter

About me:

Learning about life and helping people is my passion. Currently I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science at Valencia College/UCF and plan to become a Pharmacist in the near future. 

What I love about recruitment:

I love talking to different kinds of people, building relationships and work in a challenging, past paced environment.


I recruit for our DDRP program supporting the Air National Guard

Fun facts:

Fun sized (4’9”) Half Puerto Rican, half Cuban and born in Miami, FL. Raised in Puerto Rico. My favorite Disney park is Animal Kingdom.

Great Recruiters Ratings


Reina called me within 24 hours after posting to interview me. She reinforced the job description. Allowed me time to fully understand and ask questions concerning job. She forwarded what ever documents were needed. Also reinforced that if I had any concerns or further questions I could contact her. She was well mannered, informative and helpful. Very pleased with her performance.
I believe Reina was helpful in educating me about the opportunity to work with Loyal Source. I looking to work in the position that was offered and I see it as a long term relationship. I look forward to begin the training and being working.
Reina was very effective when talking about the job, what it entails, and she always asked " Is that something you are interested in,". She assured me the process, and my follow-up email, what to look for, and documents. I greatly appreciate her time. She got right to the reason and nature of her call. Reina you ROCK!
So far I am barely threw the process of being hired but Reina has made herself avalible for any questions I've had . Often times answering questions before I asked them . I am not yet hired but am certain that I will be and that Reina will be a future asset to my success . One notable fact . I work another job so Reina made time on my schedule to talk with me instead of only working off of her schedule .

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