Jose Morales

Healthcare Recruiter

About me:

I am 23 years old, I was born in Puerto Rico and I love sharks.

What I love about recruitment:

I love that every day is different and exciting, and the relationships I get to  build with candidates.


Healthcare recruiting for Government customers.

Fun facts:

I also work at Universal Studios Florida, I have been there for 4 years.

Great Recruiters Ratings


She is persistent to follow up with me and patient with my questions. She is professional and knowledgeable about her job.
Claudia provided me with honest feedback. She clarified any questions that I have had. Claudia is very efficient and has been following up in a timely manner.
To be contacted in a timely matter instead of speaking with someone one day and not hearing anything back for weeks after
My experience working with Claudia was beyond excellent. Claudia is very thorough about the the hiring process. The hiring process can be intimidating, but working alongside with Claudia makes you feel like she has been your lifelong friend. Claudia is a very kind, polite, motivating individual who will constantly check up on you, and ask how you're feeling throughout the hiring process, and reassures you of what part of the hiring process you are at and she is available to answer your questions, and replies quickly. I had many questions, and never once did the tone of her voice sound bothered or irritated. Every time I spoke with Claudia she was always happy and understanding, "how can I help; let's find a solution, or let's get you your answer." I love how Claudia is very well structured, encouraging , and is a enthusiastic driven individual that you can feel she has your best interest at heart. Claudia has been the main positive influence from the second I applied. Regardless of the job outcome you feel happy that you had a strong woman have your back and make you feel like you got this!

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