Eboni Gurley

Healthcare Recruiter

About me:

Hi there! My name is Eboni Gurley. I’m a recent graduate from University of Central Florida where I studied speech pathology and audiology. I spend my free time discovering new books to read, watching old movies, exploring Disney World, listening to music and going to the beach with my dog Peppa.

What I love about recruitment:

I love recruiting because it gives me the opportunity to communicate with people nationwide and provide them with new and exciting opportunities.


Government Recruiting for clinical positions.

Fun facts:

I absolutely love reading and can immerse myself into a book all day. I’m also an avid music junkie and  always on the hunt in a record shop to discover new music and find some old records to add to my collection. While exploring Orlando, I’m always looking for hole in the wall food place to discover and blog about.

Great Recruiters Ratings


Eboni was very helpful and professional.
Eboni is very professional. She returns your call in timely manner and provides updates on the applications. She represents Loyal Source very well and highly recommended to other applicants to work with her.
My experience with Eboni has been great to work with as a recruiter. She is organized and really Eboni is polite and upbeat every time I speak to her. Glad to have met her! Jennifer Brown
The perfect factual, pleasant, encouraging, stating facts, professional. Was a joy to speak with, really.

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